Ser emo atrasa +20 años

Feel the rain like an English summer/ Hear the notes from a distant song/ Stepping out from a back shop poster/ Wishing life wouldn’t be so long
Visage, Fade to gray, 1981

Pushed around and kicked around/ Always a lonely boy/ You were the one/ That they’d talk about around town/ As they put you down.
Jimmy Sommerville, Smalltown Boy, 1984

The dice decide my fate/ that’s a shame/ In these trembling hands my faith/ tells me to react/ “I don’t care”
Talk Talk, Such a shame, 1984

Yesterday I got so old,/ I felt like I could die./ Yesterday I got so old,/ It made me want to cry.
The Cure, In Between Days, 1985

Everybody lives in pain,/ what a shame./ Their bodies tied up on the beach,/ so out of reach./ You know I love to get depressed./ It’s the best, it’s the best,/ the very best.
The Bolshoi, Looking for a life to lose, 1986

How many liars have taken your money, your mother said you shouldn’t
bet?/ Who has the fun, is it always the man with the gun?
The Stranglers, Always The Sun, 1986

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded/ Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed/ Everybody knows that the war is over/ Everybody knows the good guys lost/ Everybody knows the fight was fixed/ The poor stay poor, the rich get rich/ That’s how it goes
Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows, 1988

Everyday is like sunday/ Everyday is silent and grey
Morrissey, Everyday Is Like Sunday, 1988